Buyer Beware!

This game is unplayable in several of the online modes. Gamers have reported this issue for two months now and not one official statement by the makers of this game addressing the issue. The ongoing issue with this game causes online matches to freeze mid-game. The bug report ticket number is #10097.

You can see the ticket here.

This ticket was created April 1st, 2014- over a month before the game was released on PS4. This means they knew the game was dysfunctional and decided to release the game anyway. Quite frankly, I just want to play a quality baseball game. Preferably, I would like to play a game that doesn’t freeze between load screens, or freeze in-game for that matter. I don’t need my favorite band’s song playing at the beginning. I don’t need a sports ticker at the bottom of the screen.. These two things seem to be the only things sure to work properly in the game. I don’t need 100 million pixels used to make the crowd. None of it is needed to make a quality baseball game. Besides, what’s the point of having all of that stuff if you are going to attach it to a game that doesn’t work? This game is not worthy of it’s exclusive rights.

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