This post is special because it is my first game review.  There has been talk in the past of doing game reviews when a new game caught my attention.  Truth is, I’ve just been lazy.  Luckily for me, someone from SDK digital labs contacted me to check out their new game and chop it up here at The Digital Rebellion.  It feels great to write about a new game that I’ve gotten to play.  SDK digital labs was kind enough to link me up to their Google Play spot so I could download a free copy.  Go check it out for yourself:

So anyways, on to the game.  This is Space Mo… not Fly Mo.  It is an asteroid challenge game… and that means you have a whole lot of asteroid dodging to do.  And that is not all.  Weird laser fences, floating nuclear rockets and a gang of other obstacles and dangers meant to take you down and destroy your space adventures.  Thank goodness there are plenty of cool power ups along the way to help you get further.  This game kind of reminds me of the old classic Doodle Jump.  You basically have to maneuver your way through a never-ending field of asteroids.  It is pretty simple in concept, but addictive once you get going.  The controls are simple enough and takes no time at all to get a handle on.  As you progress and get further along, the game speeds up, adding a significant challenge.   

Here are a some of the things that I really liked:

The soundtrack.  It was funky and had a nice synth’ish sound to it.  Had a good bounce that complimented the game play.

The power ups.  I only found a few, but I am sure there are more.  I just happen to suck at these kind of games.  My highest score I received was a 219.  I dare you to try and beat it.

Graphics were clean and smooth.  Plenty of bright colors that seemed to buzz perfectly along with the gameplay experience.

The space suit wearing penguins EXPLODE into milk!!!!!!!

One small thing I noticed that I would personally like to see is the game restart button moved down to the lower part of the screen near where the control buttons are.  This isn’t even really a big deal, but more of a personal quirk that I think would make me happier when playing.

Overall, I like what SDK has done with Space Mo.  I downloaded this game to my phone and it plays perfectly for that.  I don’t need or want a long drawn out gaming experience on my phone.  I like my phone games to be able to be enjoyed in short bursts.  Space Mo does just that.  Head on over to their Google Play page and check it out for yourself.

Space Mo on Google Play -

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