You may remember seeing this floating around, or me talking about it several times.  Well, now it’s colored and pretty, and being expanded into a full story/series/webcomic on Smackjeeves.  

I won’t be posting a whole lot of this on the comic on this blog, so if you want to follow it, you know were to go!  I also set up a tumblr for it, herewhich I plan to use for extras and ‘deleted scenes’ and concept junk to track the comic’s progress and my own.

Thank you guys for the overwhelming response to the sketch version!



Modeled after one of the factions found in World of Warcraft, these Horde symbol earrings are handmade from Polymer clay, hand painted with a black outline and glossed for a nice shiny appearance. They are very lightweight and easy on the ears!

Whether you’re Orc, Blood Elf, Troll, Undead, Tauren or Goblin - you can wear your factions symbol with honor as you hunt down the Alliance and travel through the world of Azeroth!

You can find these and other WoW themed items at!

Pretty awesome!

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